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ICT Regulation and Policy Strengthens Sustainable Development

  • Stronger institutions for digital infrastructure, inclusive policy and innovation
  • Understanding of the importance of inclusivity, diversity and gender equity
  • Country leadership on prioritised digitalisation needs with focus on strengthened institutions

ICT regulatory authorties serve as catalysts for sustainable development. Telecommunications regulations create an  environment that enables digital transformation. This fosters equitable access to technology, and ensure that the benefits of digital transformation are accessible to all. Digital opportunities can contribute significantly to the achievement of the SDGs.

SPIDER in partnership with the regulatory authorities in Sweden and Luxembourg are engaged in the iPRIS project that builds the capacity of telecommunication regulatory authorities in sub-Saharan Africa. This initiative is funded by the European Commission, Sweden and Luxembourg. iPRIS spans a total of 43 African countries with training in English, French and Portuguese from 2023 to 2028.

"The training was engaging and practical."

Every round of iPRIS training welcomes participants from seven countries, each a member of the regional regulatory organisations ARTAC, CRASA, EACO, or WATRA, Each country implements its own strategic project.

iPRIS supports the participants with input from experts and peer-to-peer learning opportunites.

SPIDER – How we are different

SPIDER’s work is about human centered technology. This means that innovation and technology advancement should be adapted to the needs of people and planet, not just for technology itself.

SPIDER coordinates results focused change initiatives by uniting sectors and expertise from local to global level. We are a center of enablement uniting evidence based, locally led and sustainable digitalisation.

SPIDER supports work led by the communities that drive change for equitable, rights based and fair access to technology and opportunities to reap the benefits of digitalisation.

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